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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Fire & Water

I find an interesting correlation between the second heaven and earth and how that God cleansed the earth once with water in the flood, yet the new earth will not come until the current earth is destroyed with fire. The correlation that came to me is that with baptism with water, and then with the fire and the Holy Spirit.

God started with a perfect earth (Eden), possibly even the essence of the second earth. It was corrupted, and polluted through sinful actions. The world and all its inhabitants were destroyed with the exception of Noah’s family. The seed of goodness was reserved to start another lineage of mankind. As when we are baptized as public testimony to others that we want God to take what is good in us and grow it out to replace the polluted and corrupt essence of our nature.

Knowing that because of sin nature, we cannot ever be perfect as by original design. Earth cannot be the perfect residence because of that same knowledge of good and evil (sin). John promised a baptism of fire by Jesus, that fire allows us to be assured of a reservation in the perfect residence, but just as the earth and heaven will be physically destroyed, so must our physical tents that we reside in.

The fire of judgment will refine and purify the world to the next lineage of those who are reserved for the spiritual and heavenly Jerusalem. Then those who were obedient to the Lordship of Yahshua and followed His truth about the works of the heart, mind and soul as our acceptable sacrifice to God the Father.

Through the washing, and then purification, then death/ destruction, and resurrection/ recreation God can teach us. That we have free-will, yet we will chose God by his word by the grace we receive in a new heaven and earth.

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