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Thursday, May 30, 2013

What would you do?

My friend created a T-shirt with two hands on it. One has the thumb up and the other with the thumb down, much like a Roman official declaring his official ruling of a decision.

The subject is Jesus, and what that decision is in your life. You have to decide,for no decision is a thumbs down (automatically-indicating I don't care about this person enough to vote).

That entire topic is why we make an effort to spread the truth and gospel of Jesus Christ in our various ways.

Some choices are harder than others based on your experience, understanding and personal roadblocks we carry in our baggage through life.

The word "Anathema" means "cursed."
The word "Maranatha" means "the Lord is coming."

The Word of God is saying that if anyone does not want to get saved, then let him be cursed because the Lord is coming.

You can try to warn people, but they ultimately must make the decision to accept or reject Christ as their own personal Saviour.

If we warn people of the judgment to come and they laugh in our faces, then they are choosing to go to hell by their own freewill.

They will be cursed to burn in hell if they don't become born-again.

If we have love that comes from God, His sacrificial love, His unconditional love that balances His unwavering righteousness, then we give everything we have to save those that we love (which is everyone).

Imagine a loved one (son, daughter, wife, mother, father, closest friend)
They are walking with you and the stumble and slip off the edge of a cliff and are hanging on by their fingertips.

What would you do? The same applies here...think on this with every person you meet that is not secured by their decision to live for Jesus and not just themselves.

We don't know when we will need help, but to know we have been secured by Jesus's love is a powerful yet comforting promise.

We have to be the first link in the chain that secures those we love to Jesus, but first we must be linked to Jesus and linked to those we love so that they can be anchored to Him as well.

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