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Sunday, May 5, 2013

"Live life to the fullest" John 10:10...Is Your Life Full?

IS YOUR LIFE FULL?...and of what?

The key to that question I found resides here in Revelation 2:4-5

(4) Nevertheless I have this against you, that you have left your first love. (5) Remember therefore from where you have fallen; repent and do the first works, or else I will come to you quickly and remove your lampstand from its place—unless you repent.
New King James Version

If we love a person, we enjoy talking with them, to discover their likes and opinions. Why? So we can please them. We act on their advice; we do the things that they approve of. In fact, we will even deny ourselves to meet their wishes and abstain from the things that we know that they dislike.

Anybody who has gone through a courtship understands this. If we find that the object of our affection does not like the way we do certain things, the colors that we wear in our clothing, the style of our dress, the car we drive, or the same foods we like, what will we do? We will try to conform to them as long as it is lawful. If we love them, we will try to please them in anyway that we possibly can.

It is easy to see why this love is so important, for love is the source of the righteous works.

Those who do not truly love Christ are working, active, spending their time and energy on things that they love, but it is not Christ. And because it is not Christ, their hectic days are filled with worthless, selfish efforts.

When we are in love, we will even learn things that we are not naturally inclined toward because we think it will give the other person pleasure. Some guys are infatuated over baseball, golf, as well as hunting or fishing. His favored girl will put herself through agony to watch a boring baseball game with him or go golfing, hunting, or fishing (or even a Star Trek movie) with him just to please him because she loves him.

Are we that way with Christ? Are we still like that in our relationships?

Do we do what we can, everything we can, denying ourselves or learning new things because we want to please Him? We want to please Him because we love Him. These are areas that we must evaluate ourselves on.

Time can be a fertile ground to grow. Unfortunately the weeds of complacency grow in our life as well, if we aren't diligent to remain earnest to that which we love. Selfishness is even worse. We gain security in our relationship with time, and then abuse that relationship in lieu of other harlots and our own addictions and self-indulgent attitudes.

Only through the grace of God, the love of Christ and obedience to their Holy Spirit can we restore ourselves to the place of abundant love and peace that we felt when we chose our physical partner for life. Without our spiritual partners, we cannot overcome our spiritual and physical enemies.

Satan is the craftiest of all earthly beasts. He is very cunning to take the blessing and gifts of God and turn them into weapons of self destruction.

No greater love can be shown than to lay down your earthly treasures and kingdoms, even if we fear the unrighteousness and weaknesses of our physical partner.

THE HARDEST cares to cast to the hands of our Lord are the ones we won't let go of!

Personally experiencing, humbly seeking, and openly sharing...God Bless!

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