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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

God is life and life is love...

God is eternal, godly love is eternal...thus when we are are reconciled by 'truth and faith' and God's grace (His love for you and me) we receive a restored relationship with...
God=Love=Eternal life.
Above I mentioned 'truth' and 'faith', let me explain a little deeper.
Truth-is the spiritual understanding beyond the physical.
Faith-is trusting in the spiritual, the essence of God himself.
So if to have a godly love is life, and you can't love if you don't in essence to not care is to not love.
So if love is life, then to not love is to inflict death.(murder?) So it could be said that when you don't care about someone you a committing spiritual murder.

I know that is heavy, but Jesus took our boundaries of what was acceptable to God and took them to a much more refined level. If we know that God is love...then how could Jesus diminish the essence of the cost of not caring in God's eyes.

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