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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sweet-n Salty?

Salt and the references to salt in the Bible refers to a spirit of conviction and condemnation.

I believe that salt represents the conviction that comes though acknowledging sinfulness and the fear  of that condemnation of the law.

Consider that instances where salt is mentioned. Jesus mentioned salt as an element that when it loses its saltiness-that the only thing that can be done with it is to be "trampled by men" because the condemnation of the law will have lost its effectiveness with the salvation of Jesus.

Those who are still condemning according to the old covenant laws are those who dwell in the sea of salt. The salt water fish (as in the giant fish of Jonah's three day incarceration). We are to have salt within us in our relationship and acknowledgement before God, however we are not to "a-salt" others by condemning them.

The offerings that required salt  were for acknowledgement of the sin in there lives. Salt within us is the reminder of our sin. Loaves of bread represent one's life . (we will get into that topic later) 

In the instances where salt healed the waters, it was that the water poisoned with apathy and complacency of Satan.

Think of how excessive salt effects our blood "pressure"…hmmmm?
Consider how salt dries and makes one thirsty. Thirsty for what…Mercy.

Salt is in all the fluid that expel from our bodies, a constant catalyst for purification of the water in us.

Saltiness in foods in counteracted with sweetness (i.e. Honey) 
Honey gives a boost of energy. Honey ironically is not man-made (as it is with milk).
How does salt feel on a cut or wound? Try honey which is a well established "healing" agent for infections and wounds. ( are you thinking about all the references to honey in the bible and seeing a pattern?)

Think about that sting…and about the thoughts I have presented for us to consider.

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