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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What is Gold?

I have been interested in the symbolic essence of "Gold" in the Bible. One interesting aspect that gold, symbolizing the incorruptible always covered a corruptible material, such as wood. In some cases, items were to be pure solid gold. So what does gold represent? Gold  is sometimes associated with wisdom. I also find many instances that gold can be representative of mercy. The "Golden gate" in Jerusalem is also known as the "Gate of mercy" and is such a powerful location of significance that it is sealed by the Palestinians. The gate is where the messiah is to re-enter Jerusalem when he returns. It is where Jesus entered on Palm Sunday. It is where the priests would enter for their temple duties.
I subscribe that Love is the single most important aspect that we are to reflect in the character of God. It might even be said that the highest action or demonstration of love is mercy. Mercy and Gold? Search wisdom and in its core is love, and to love without mercy is to show that we do not understand the will of God or His character, thus is it possible that without the former we would be without wisdom?

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